Feb 10 2019 Program Notes

Sun / Feb 10 / 6pm

Sunday Salon #5: The Line Between Surveillance and Poetry 
An evening of documentary films

As documentary filmmakers, we often ask ourselves where reality ends and fiction begins, where is the line between ethnography and art, or surveillance and poetry. We invite you to join us in watching two films, which uniquely bring these paradoxes to the table.

Rubenstein Arts Center Film Theater | Duke University
2020 Campus Dr, Durham, NC 27708 Map
Free Admission


The March
(Abraham Ravett, 1999, 25 min, USA, Color, Digital)
Over a period of thirteen years the director Mr. Ravett repeatedly asks his mother, a Holocaust survivor, the same question: “Mom, what do you remember about the March?” The complexity of her responses and the intimate relationship between mother and son is at the core of this twenty five minute beautiful film.

(Victor Kossakovsky, 1993, 60 min, Russia with English subtitles, B&W, Digital)
Belovy tells the story of Anna Belova, two-time widow who lives with her brother Mikhail. Blending the two personalities, Kosakovsky sketches a poetic, tragic and loving portrait of the Soviet soul: she is a rational hard worker, he is an idealist and a drunken philosopher.

Curators: Tamar Rachkovsky and David D’Agostino