Sun / Feb 18 / 7pm / Rubenstein Arts Center Film Theater


Sunday Salon Screening of Tonsler Park by Kevin Jerome Everson.
Followed by a conversation with the filmmaker.
Sunday 18th of February 7 PM
Rubenstein Arts Center Film Theater
Duke University,
Durham, NC
Tonsler Park (2017) 

This portrait of Afro-American staff members of the polling station at Tonsler Park in Charlottesville, VA, was filmed during the US Presidential Election on November 8, 2016, the day when the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was decided. Kevin Jerome Everson records the staff taking oaths, rows of voters passing as staff hand out voting slips, while no one seems aware of the camera that is standing there, motionless. Conversations change to hubbub, backs block the camera’s view. This is democracy in practice and every vote counts. The film slowly opens a space for those who so often remain invisible, and the location is itself not without significance: Tonsler Park is named after Benjamin Tonsler, a local Afro-American school director who defied the rules to continue to teach older Afro-Americans in the era of segregation. With a sense of place and historical research, Everson’s films combine scripted and documentary elements with rich elements of formalism. The subject matter is the gestures or tasks generated by certain conditions in the lives of working-class African Americans and others of African descent.

Kevin Jerome Everson was born in Mansfield, Ohio- in 1965. He has an MFA from Ohio University and a BFA from the University of Akron. He is a Professor of Art at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has made over 130 films, including Tonsler Park (2017), Park
Lanes (2015), The Island of Saint Matthews (2013), Erie (2010), Ten Five in the Grass (2012), Ears, Nose and Throat (2016), Stone (2013), Century (2013), and Fe26 (2014). He also has two DVD box sets: Broad Daylight and Other Times and I Really Hear Something: Quality Control and Other Films, distributed by Video Data Bank. Everson’s works have been shown at the Sundance Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Oberhausen Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Tate Modern, National Gallery in Washington DC, and Centre Pompidou in Paris. The work has also been recognized through awards and fellowships, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Alpert Award, a Creative Capital Fellowship, and an American Academy Rome Prize. Everson is represented by Picture Palace Pictures New York, and Andrew Kreps Gallery New York.

Supported by Duke University department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts and the Center for Documentary Studies.
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Sat / Feb 10 / 7pm / Carpentry Shop




SALON presents “MEDIUM COOL” (1969, digital, 111 mins)



Sun / Feb 4 / 7 PM / Rubenstein Arts Center Film Theater


Free tickets for Sunday available here

(2016, 26 min)
Autumn, photographed during the last months of the drought year, 2015, is a stately, but intimate, seasonal tome, a celebration of the poignancy and mystery of our later years.

(2014, 16.5 min)
February was photographed during the first weeks of early spring in San Francisco. For me there is a haunted sense of restlessness in its form, some desire for a new freedom, a fresh sense of cinema. It feels to me to be the conclusion of an exploration that began with Triste, some 20 films earlier. What will follow, I do not know.

(2015, 18 min)
How delicately the light imbues our fleeting life.

The Dreamer
(2016, 19 min)
This year our mid-summer’s night was adorned with a glorious full moon. The weeks and days preceding the solstice were magically alive with crisp, cool breezes, bright, warm sunlight, and a general sense of heartbreaking clarity. The Dreamer is born out of this most poignant San Francisco spring.

See the entire 18 at 18: Nathaniel Dorsky at Duke below:

Nathaniel Dorsky Premieres at Duke MFA|EDA, Feb 2-5


Sun / Jan 28 / 7 PM / CARR 103


Self and Other ⎪ Aliens and Alienation

Bill Brown / Roswell / 1994 / 19 min / 16 mm

Luis Buñuel / Las Hurdes (Land Without Bread) / 1933 / 30 min / 16 mm

A meeting of two vastly different filmic world-views, wherein the narrators shape and molds our perception of reality through humor and absurdity.

Bill Brown in attendance.


Sun / Jan 21 / 7pm / Carr 103


Patrick Bokanowski - "L'Ange" (1983)

Patrick Bokanowski L’Ange 1983 70min 16mm

CARR 103


Sun / Nov 19 / 7pm / Carr 103


New work by previous generations of SALON programmers and guests.

Featuring : Lisa McCarty (’13) Anna Kipervaser (’15) libi Striegl (’15) Alex Cunningham (’16) Jason Oppliger (’16) Sylvia Herbold (’16) Jason Sudak (’17) and Maia Asshaq.

Digital media / 16mm / Carr 103/ @ 7 pm


Sun / Nov 12 / 7pm / Carr 103


Four mythologies in 16mm that engage feminine coming-of-age, our dark descent into the unknown.

Silvianna Goldsmith: The Transformation of Persephone (1973) Lawrence Jordan: Winter Light (1983) | Jeanne Liotta: Loretta (2003) | Patrick Bokanowski: Battements Solaires (2008)


 Sun / Nov 5 / 7pm / Carr 103


Two films by Hutton, one young, one old, one color, one black and white.

Peter Hutton / Skagafjordur / 2004 / 33 minutes / COLOR / SILENT
Peter Hutton / New York Portrait, Chapter I /1979 / 16 minutes / B&W / SILENT

16 mm / 49 min / Carr 103


Sun / Oct 29 / 7pm / Sculpture Studio


Halloween Edition of Salon – What is more ghoulish than the familiar made unfamiliar?

Join us for a special Halloween Edition of Salon, as we enter the twisted mind of Victor Faccinto – a master fabricator of moving images which distort, deflect, and defile sometimes unassuming and innocent found footage into something entirely new and strange.

Stick around for a presentation of Jean Rouch’s Les Maitres Fous + and a mysterious All Hallows Eve filmic treat

Costumes are optional, but of course encouraged.

The screening will take place at the old sculpture studio on Vance st.

Head west on Campus Drive, take a Right onto Oregon street, then a left on Vance St. You will see SIGNS that say SUNDAY SALON HALLOWEEN SCREENING.

It is across the street from the Duke police station, just in case – as it is Halloween after all.


Sun / Oct 22 / 7pm / Carr 103



Spirit in Image and Sound (Guest Curation)
16mm works presented jointly by MFA|EDA Sunday Salon and Film In Theory

Jordan Belson: Allures / Chakra | Paul Clipson: Another Void / Sphinx on the Seine


Sun / Oct 15 / 7pm / Carr 103


16mm curatorial roulette’.

Patrick Bokanowski // Lawrence Jordan // Ben Russell // Chick Strand /16 mm / 46 min

7 pm / Carr 103


Sun / Oct 1 / 7pm / Carr 103


Still From 'Calgon'

Propaganda Design: Curated Commercial Ephemera / 16mm & Digital Media / Carr 103
(Includes work by Stacy Asher who will be present at the screening)


Sun / Sept 24 / 7pm / Carr 103


The dumb, the smart and the wise.
Three works of art with Danish heritage investigating the American cultural landscape.

Upstate Skammens vogn & Parfyme, 2007 (9m 40s)

Poetry Texas Pejk Malinovski, 2012 (27m 40s)

66 scenes from America Jørgen Leth & Ole John, 1981 (42m)

Digital media / 81 min / Carr 103


Sun / Sept 17 / 7pm / Carr 103


Fugue Cinema / Four films on 16mm / Carr 103

A temptation into repetition. A fall from perfection. A subversion of the corporeal male gaze.
A rollercoaster through a celluloid reality.

Object Conversation – Paul Glabicki, 1985 (10m)

The Gardener of Eden – James Broughton, 1981 (8m)

Removed – Naomi Uman, 1999 (7m 15s)

Outer Space – Peter Tscherkassky (10m)


Sat / Sept 9 / 6pm / Carr 103


Welcome to the Saloon / Show and Tell Screening / Carr 103

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Submit to “mfasalon2018@gmail.com” by September 6th, 2017.

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